Justice for Justice

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

 ~ Edmund Burke

justice_jambalaya_at_school_with_text.JPGWhen PAPR rescued a dog we named "Mrs. Jambalaya" and her 7 babies from the school in Arecibo on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, we learned that an 8th Jambalaya pup had been taken from the litter a few days before by a woman we’ll call "Blanca”. Always anxious to keep litters intact for at least 8 weeks, we wondered if it would be possible to get the 8th pup reunited with his mama and littermates. We don’t know “Blanca”, but through a mutual acquaintance, we were able to ask her if she would be willing to relinquish the tiny pup for a month or so, until he was big enough to be separated from his mother and siblings. “Blanca” said “no”, she couldn’t give him up, not even temporarily, because she “loved the pup too much”, and he was “a member of the family”. Even when we explained that she could adopt him after he was neutered, “Blanca” still refused. We were saddened that Justice would miss those important weeks with his mama and littermates, but we were happy that he was a member of a family that loved him so much. We made a note to make contact with “Blanca” again when it was time for the pup to be neutered.

Fast-forward a few weeks… On Friday, July 19, 2013, we took the photo above of a puppy at the school in Arecibo. It was heartbreaking for us to see a tiny 8 week old pup, all alone, sleeping in an alcove. He lifted his head when we approached, but he didn’t get up. We picked him up and took him straight to the vet. Dirty, skinny and covered with fleas, ticks and sarcoptic mange, this pup’s skin is infected so badly that the lymph nodes in his neck and groin are visibly swollen.

We were shocked to learn that this pup is “Blanca’s” pup, the one she had professed to love so dearly just a few weeks ago!

We immediately asked our acquaintance to reach out to “Blanca” and ask her for an explanation (as if there could be one). “Blanca” responded that she couldn’t keep the pup because her daughter is asthmatic and because the puppy has mange. So she left him at the school a few days ago.

How could this be? A few weeks ago, “Blanca” said she loved this pup so much that she couldn’t bear the thought of giving him up for even a short time, not even for the opportunity to reunite him with his mama and littermates at PAPR, where he would have been safe and loved, where he would have had all his medical needs taken care of, and where he would have been vaccinated and neutered before adoption.  Yet just a few short weeks later “Blanca” cared so little about her pup that she turned him out to live on his own, to live the life of a street dog, knowing full well that he is much too young to fend for himself, and knowing that he is in desperate need of medical attention.

This precious baby is at PAPR now, and we’ve named him “Justice Jambalaya”.  We’re taking good care of you now, Justice, and soon you will be living the life you have always deserved with a family that will show you what TRUE love is all about.

Blanca and all those who neglect, abuse, mistreat and abandon animals take notice:


Pets Alive is seeking justice for Justice under Puerto Law 154 Chapter II, Article I.

 a. If a person willfully, knowingly, carelessly or with criminal negligence, leaves an animal in a location with the intention of dereliction, said person is committing the crime of abandoning an animal.

 b. Abandonment of an animal is a fourth-degree felony that entails the punishment of imprisonment ranging from six (6) months and one (1) day to three (3) years.

Pets Alive is asking the good people of Puerto Rico to STAND TOGETHER AND BE THE VOICE for Justice and for all the victims of people like “Blanca” who neglect, abuse, mistreat and abandon animals.

Won’t YOU please take a moment to send an email to justiceforJustice@petsalivepr.org voicing your support?

We want to hear from every single animal lover in Puerto Rico, so please share the story of Justice with everyone you know!  

Together we will win justice for Justice. 




One dog and its offspring can produce thousands of unwanted dogs in a lifetime.  

SPAY/NEUTER is the answer!

YOU can sponsor one spay/neuter return for $80.

Spay/neuter return is suitable for stray dogs that are in safe situations where guardians are feeding, watering and watching over them daily.  Your gift of $80 allows Pets Alive to spay/neuter & vaccinate, collar, tag and return one stray dog.



YOU can sponsor one low cost spay/neuter for just $30.  

Your gift of $30 allows Pets Alive to offer one low cost spay/neuter to a pet owner who wants to make sure that their pet never adds to the population of unwanted animals in Puerto Rico.  


Should dogs this young even BE on their own?


They are out there alone every day. 

Struggling to survive. 

Dodging abuse.

Struggling to find food each day.

With no help from the town.
Few people that care about them.

But we care, and we know YOU care, too.


     With YOUR help, we plan to save them.  ALL OF THEM!

Clearly, we launched Pets Alive Puerto Rico with a HUGE bang. The dog runs opened on April 12, 2012. By mid July, we had already rescued 172 dogs, including 145 puppies under the age of 5 months! By October the number of dogs rescued had climbed to 246!  We are making a huge impact in saving the neglected, abused and abandoned dogs that are dumped on the streets and beaches in towns all over Puerto Rico.

Before we opened the sanctuary, it was so difficult to save dogs remotely.  We could pull just a few dogs at a time, get them vetted and then get them to the States where they were adopted out. This method made little impact since without spaying and neutering, the dogs left behind reproduce, resulting in a vicous cycle that left us always swimming upstream to try to save them all.  And the lack of veterinarians to work with and lack of local foster homes or a shelter to house the dogs while we nursed them to health and prepared them for travel were huge obstacles in our efforts to save dogs remotely.  Our plan to build a Pets Alive Puerto Rico sanctuary is finally a reality. Now we have a location to help these dogs. 

We have launched a low cost spay/neuter/immunization program to help people who want to take good care of thier pets. Too long the choice for animal loving Puerto Ricans has been to pay money they don’t have to spay/neuter/immunize their pets, or abandon their pets somewhere because they couldn't afford to get them help. We are extending our hand to all the people. If they wish to be kind to their pets, then we will see to it that they have that option.

Two pups on Dead Dog Beach

Our new location is just perfect. Six secluded acres overlooking the mountains and lakes. Centrally located to major airports. Stunningly gorgeous property with paths that cut through the vegetation where we have built our enclosures for the dogs. The house is also beautiful. A warm and welcoming place for our supporters to come and spend a “rescue vacation”, volunteering at the sanctuary, helping to pull dogs from the streets & beaches, and transporting them stateside at the end of their stay.

Will you help us?

We are asking you to join us in this mission to save these lives. Please help us pay for just ONE dog's life, or even PART of that. Even $5 or $10 will help us. We need you. THEY need you. Please don't look at these faces and let them down.



So many animal lovers who live on this beautiful island are trying their best to help, but are feeling overwhelmed by the large numbers of dogs in need on the streets.  It's time to JOIN FORCES with Pets Alive! If you have one hour a week or a few hours every month, WE NEED YOU!!

Walking dogs and playing with puppies, bathing, grooming, laundry, cleaning dog runs, office work, organizing supplies – there is something for everyone to do.  Please consider helping the animals by volunteering at Pets Alive.  We NEED your help continue our very important work. 

Did you know that we accept volunteers of ALL ages?  Well behaved children who are willing and able to follow directions are always welcome to volunteer at Pets Alive (accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian).  So make volunteering a family affair! For more information or to register for the upcoming orientation, please send email to: volunteer@petsalivepr.org.


If you are not able to volunteer, please consider a one time donation or monthly gift to help Pets Alive Puerto Rico continue our work.   Just $30 allows us to provide a low cost voucher to a family who wants to spay/neuter/immunize their pet.  $80 allows us spay/neuter/immunize a street dog to increase their quality of life and ensure they are no longer adding to the population of unwanted dogs on the street. Click here to sponsor or donate. XO

We have volunteers from every corner of Puerto Rico.  But if the drive to Utuado is too far for you, won’t you please consider volunteering at your local shelter or local rescue organization?  The animals there need you just as much as ours do!!

IT'S TIME! Please put your love into action for the animals of Puerto Rico.  Thank you!! XO