About Pets Alive Puerto Rico

This little girl was rescued AND adopted!

Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise.  Aptly nicknamed the "Island of Enchantment" it is a place of beauty and a popular tourist destination. But it hides a horrific secret. There are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs on the island of Puerto Rico, which is about the size of Connecticut.  Yet there are only 5 municipal shelters to care for them.  The kill rate at these shelters is 99%.  A dog turned-in to one of these shelters is not likely to survive more than 48 hours. 

Working to save this group!For many months, Pets Alive in NY worked remotely in Puerto Rico, taking-in dogs after volunteers rescued them from a beach on the east side of the island. After rescuing and finding homes for more than 100 dogs from that beach, it became clear that dogs are in need not just on that one beach, but on every beach and in every town across the island! We knew that we needed to do so much more in order to actually end the problem of stray, unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs in Puerto Rico. That's when Pets Alive Puerto Rico was born.

A grant from Marisol and Rob Thomas through their Sidewalk Angels Foundation has made it possible for Pets Alive Puerto Rico to open a sanctuary on the island, to save many more dogs and implement programs that will change the world for the animals of this beautiful island.

Pets Alive Puerto Rico officially opened the sanctuary, rescue, and B&B on April 12, 2012.  The sanctuary is a tranquil, peaceful place where in the first year alone, 350 stray dogs came to heal and learn what it means to be truly loved.  It is a beautiful place where animal lovers are invited to come and help care for these precious souls, and to rejuvenate their own souls in the process.  It is a place where a single individual can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of the stray dogs of Puerto Rico.

Pets Alive Puerto Rico rescues stray, abandoned and abused dogs from all across the island. Every one of them has a medical need of some kind, many are in critical condition, suffering, and in imminent danger of death without intervention. Once in our loving hands, these dogs are quarantined, vetted, immunized, nursed back to health and then spayed or neutered to ensure that they will NEVER add to the population of unwanted dogs.  They are loved and cared for at the sanctuary until they heal, and then they are ready for adoption on the island or they are transported to the mainland for adoption at one of our NY facilities. 

Carlito_before.jpgPets Alive Puerto Rico recently launched a low cost spay/neuter and vaccination program available to pet owners throughout the island, and ultimately we hope to have a mobile clinic to tour Puerto Rico. We are committed to humane education, especially centering around spay/neuter, to teach a new generation of islanders about the plight of the animals and what can be done to help them. Our goal is to help instill empathy, love, compassion, and respect for animals into the people of this beautiful island so they will carry this with them throughout their lives and pass it on to their children - and from there to all generations to come.  

The Pets Alive Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of companion animals everywhere by any means possible, including rescue, adoption, advocacy, collaboration, intervention and education.

Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary is one of the oldest no-kill organizations in the United States. Pets Alive is recognized within the local community, nationwide and around the world, as a leader in developing alliances to end the killing of adoptable animals and promoting the humane treatment of animals.

Pets Alive Puerto Rico is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Tax Id # 20-­?5057391.

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