Pets Alive Puerto Rico will provide you with a place to stay, breakfast, and a chance to get involved in real rescue work.

 Are YOU ready to put your love into action?  


The sanctuary at Pets Alive Puerto Rico is a tranquil, peaceful place where the abandoned dogs of
Puerto Rico will come to heal and where they will learn what it means to be truly loved.  
It is a beautiful retreat where animal lovers are invited to come and help care for these precious souls,
and to rejuvenate their own souls in the process.
It is a place where a single individual can make a real and lasting difference
in the lives of the stray dogs of Puerto Rico.

The sanctuary is located in Utuado on six secluded acres overlooking the mountains and lakes. Centrally located to major airports. Stunningly gorgeous property with paths that cut through the vegetation where we are currently building the dog runs. The house is also beautiful. A warm and welcoming place for our supporters to come and spend a “rescue vacation”, volunteering at the sanctuary, helping to pull dogs from the streets & beaches, and transporting them stateside at the end of their stay.  Come put your love into action saving precious lives in Puerto Rico.
Check out our Facebook Photo gallery for more pictures of our facility.