final_vet_visit.JPGMEET THE "A" TEAM

We named these beautiful pups Aracela, Alina, Antonio and Arturo - and we call them the "A" Team!  Just six weeks old, they were found living along the side of the road in Luquillo. Jen and Dave are kind people who spotted the pups, built them a shelter and fed them regularly.  But as the pups grew old enough to walk, the road became a more and more dangerous place. When Jen called us for help, we were happy to provide sanctuary for these babies.

When the pups arrived, they were severely anemic due to parasites.  But with treatment and vitamins they soon began to feel better and their true personalities emerged! They are all snugglers.  When we pick them up, they love to climb up to rest in the crook of our necks, and they will sleep there for as long as we let them.

They've been with us three weeks now, and the "A" Team is ready to begin their next adventure. On Saturday, March 31 they will make the journey to our sister sanctuary in Middletown, NY, where we know they will quickly find their forever homes.  We will miss these little angels!!